TD5451 High Security Key Lock

TD5451 High Security Key Lock

Emergency Actuator Sensor

This product was developed for a defence customer who needed a high security operator interlock for their mobile missile defence systems. Unique keying was the crucial criteria to ensure the missile system could not be armed before both operators enabled the system from a safe distance using their personal key.
Typically they are used in series with our MR386 Fibre-optic E-stop.


Functional Safety For Function Safety applications, please contact info
Functional States
Normal RESET/OFF No key inserted into lock, or key is upright in lock
ACTIVE / ON Key is inserted into the lock, is is rotated so landscape

Specifications subject to change without notice


  • Unique keys for each lock
  • Sensor can be operated in any hazardous or explosive environment – gas, dust or mines
  • Can be operated at a good distances
  • Multiple E-STOP switches can be connected in series