About Us


Quality In Control is an Australian supplier of leading quality control and process technology pre-dominantly for the following industries:


Plastic & Rubber extrusion


Automotive & Metal forming


Profile extrusion


Can making & filling


Timber mills


Mining industry


CNC cutting industry


Cable & Pipe extrusion


Steel Wire, Rod & Bar Mills

Our products can broadly be split into 3 categories:

Measurement, control and inspection systems using non-contact laser and scanner based gauging with  applications in most industries.

We also design and produce custom systems.

Process control sensors and actuators such as optical encoders (rotary & linear), geared limit switches, motorised potentiometers, angle and inclination sensors, control pendants, as well as non-contact speed and length gauges.

3-piece can making production equipment such as side seam coating and curing as well as welder parts and upgrades and industry specific  quality control equipment.


Quality in Control Pty. Ltd. had its beginnings back in 1996 as Smartworks Ltd. In Wellington New Zealand.

Founded by Adrian Hofmann its main focus was based on decades of application experience in all types of measurement and control systems acquired in Switzerland and Australia.

Supplying both process and quality control equipment it soon created a niche for itself in the relatively small New Zealand market.

In 2001 it was decided that the quality and process control sector particularly in the metals industry held the most promise for expansion of the company not only in New Zealand but also into Australia.

It was decided to change our name to Quality In Control and to move our head-office to Australia where the manufacturing industry is several times larger than in New Zealand.

Since then Quality In Control has gone from strength to strength and because of its experience in the most diverse industries has been asked to represent many equipment manufacturers that are leading in their respective field.

With the move to Australia, Quality In Control also started to design and build their own measurement systems using components from its suppliers or designing and manufacturing them entirely using specialist subcontractors.

Today Quality In Control is a leader in the supply of systems and services to the metal manufacturing industry and has also substantial business in the plastics extrusion industry such as cable and tube extrusion.