MR340 Rotary and Linear Incremental Encoder Series

MR340 Series

Fiber Optic Incremental Encoders

Fiber Optic Incremental Encoders are typically used to sense the motion and speed of a motor shaft or linear actuator where conventional electronic-based encoders and resolvers are inadequate. Typically the user’s control system is looking for A/B quadrature signals for which electro-magnetic interference and noise causes system errors.

Micronor Fiber Optic Incremental Encoders are based on an all-optical passive sensor design which optically connects to a remote controller via a standard duplex OM1 62.5/125 multimode fiber optic link spanning distances up to 2000 meters. The Controllers offer much more interface capability besides A/B quadrature outputs. The additional built-in analog (4-20mA, ±10V) and digital interfaces (RS485, USB, Modbus RTU) can also be user-programmed to output speed or position status.

Micronor Fiber Optic Incremental Encoders provide interference free feedback in challenging environments and applications as diverse as medical devices to welding robots, and steel mills to mines. The diagram below illustrates a typical application where the fiber optic encoder is used to provide noise-free, closed loop feedback for precise control of a VFD or High Voltage Drive System:

Product line:

  • MR340 series is Micronor’s 3rd Generation Fiber Optical Incremental Encoders – comprising both rotary and linear models. The new series provides a lower cost, intermountable replacement for the MR320 series while adding a small form factor rotary and linear option. Resolution is available up to 1024ppr or 100μm.
  • Special non-metallic, all-dielectric rotary and linear encoders for medical MRI and high voltage environments – MR343 Linear and MR348 Rotary.
  • The MR340 series should be used in all new applications in lieu of the MR302/MR303/MR304/MR310/MR320 series Incremental Encoders.

Legacy Product Information, MR30X / MR31X / MR32X Series

  • For complete cross reference information by model and MR34X replacement, consult Application Note AN127New MR340 Series FO Incremental Encoders Replace MR30X / MR31X / MR32X Series.
MR30X Series

The MR30X series can be ordered under their new MR34X part numbers as explained in Application Note AN127.

Original documentation for MR30X series can be found below:

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MR320 Series

The MR320 series is no longer available.

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MR310 Series

The MR310 series is no longer available.

Original MR310 documentation can be found below:

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