MR662 1-Axis Sensor Angular

MR662 1-Axis Sensor Angular

Angular 1-Axis Accelerometer Sensor

The MR662 is the sensor for the fiber optic accelerometer system MR660 for 1-axis measurements.

The fiber optic accelerometer system MR660 measures accelerations (vibrations) in areas where electronic or electromechanical transducers fail.

This includes areas where there are strong electromagnetic fields, such as transformers, generators, trains, pantographs.

The sensors work on an optical basis and are purely passive. The signals are transmitted to the evaluation unit over a distance of up to 200m without interference.

We can supply customer-specific feedthroughs, cabling or sensor brackets for all applications.


Number of axes 1
Frequency range 1-1000Hz
Housing material aluminum
Optical connector F04
Temperature range -40 ° C to + 200 ° C
Protection class IP67