MR660-1 1-Axis Controller

MR660-1 1-Axis Controller

Accelerometer System 1-Axis Controller

The MR660-1 is a controller for the fiber optic accelerometer system MR660 for 1-axis measurements.

The MR660 fiber optic accelerometer system was designed to measure accelerations (vibrations) in areas where electronic or electromechanical transducers fail.

This includes ATEX secured areas, or areas where strong electromagnetic fields are present. These include, for example: transformers, generators, trains, pantographs.

The sensors are purely passive and work on an optical basis. The signals are transmitted to the controller over a distance of up to 200m without interference.


Position Measurement
Nominal Sensitivity 100 mV/g pk-pk
Electrical Interface
Power Supply 24 VDC
Optical Interface
System Loss Budget 8dB
Maximum Optical Link Length  Up to 200 meters
Explosive Atmospheres Inherently Safe, Optical Radiation
EX Classification Controller shall be installed in non-hazardous location only
Temperature -40°C to +80°C (-40°F to +186°F)
Humidity  0-95% RH, Non-Condensing
Ingress Protection IP50
Physical Attributes
Unit Weight 460 g (1.01 lbs)
Materials Aluminum Housing

Specifications subject to change without notice