MR341 Encoder

MR341 Encoder

ZapFREE® Size 11 Incremental Rotary Encoder

The MR341 Mini Rotary Encoder is a Size 11, small form factor incremental encoder offering resolution to 512ppr. It is inter-mountable with resolvers, synchros and conventional electronic-based encoders of the same size.

The MR341 Encoder is a 100% passive sensor which operates entirely in the optical domain. The sensor provides immunity to any electro-magnetic interferences such as lightning, radiation, magnetic fields and other harsh environment conditions. The innovative design provides 100% electrical isolation as well as immunity to high voltages – ideal for harsh environment applications such as feedback for welding robots, measuring anode position in smelters, and monitoring pantograph operation in electric rail applications.


Resolution 256, 360, 512ppr
Maximum Speed 10,000 RPM, Mechanical Limit
Optical Interface
Connector LC Duplex
Fiber Duplex 62.5/125μm Graded Index Fiber, 0.27NA, Type OM-1
Maximum Distance Up to 1600 meters with MR340 series Controller
Explosive Atmospheres Inherently Safe, Simple Mechanical Device
EX Classification Inherently Safe. Simple Mechanical Device when used with the MR340 Controller
IEC Ex EPL Mb/Gb/Gc/Db/Dc
Temperature -40°C to +80°C (-40°F to +176°F), 0-95% RH, Non-Condensing
Ingress Protection IP40
Physical Attributes
Dimensions Ø25 mm x 50.9 mm (Ø0.98 x 2.00 inches)
Weight 55 g (1.94 oz)
Materials Anodized aluminum housing, SS shaft, SS bearings

Specifications subject to change without notice


  • Medical
  • MRI
  • Robotics
  • Industrial
  • Transportation
  • Oil & Gas


  • 100% passive optical sensor
  • Size 11 small form factor
  • Up to 512ppr resolution
  • Immune to EMI, RFI, lightning and ground loops
  • Immune to magnetic fields
  • Inherently safe, Simple Mechanical Device
  • Fiber optic link can extend up to 2000 meters
  • DIN Rail Mount and OEM PCB Controllers available

Ordering Information

MR341-X03YYY Where X=Resolution and YYY=Optical Interface
X Options: C=256ppr, D=360ppr, E=512ppr
YYY Options: C1R5=1.5m Pigtail, C03=3m Pigtail
MR340-1 DIN Rail Mount Controller


Quick Ship Configurations

MR340-0 OEM PCB  Controller
MR340-1 DIN Rail Mount Controller
MR341-E03C1R5 Size 11 Rotary Encoder, 512ppr, Pigtail Length=1.5m
MR341-E03C03 Size 11 Rotary Encoder, 512ppr, Pigtail Length=3m