FBG Sensor Chains

FBG Sensor Chains

FBG Sensor Chains

First class quality, multi-functional and highly variable fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensor chains for distributed profile measurements.


FBG Reflectivity 0.001 – 99%
Grating Length 0.1 – 10mm
Wavelength Range 450 – 2000nm
Full width at half maximum 0.2 – 2nm
Wavelength Presision < 0.15nm
Side-loop Supression >15dB



  •  All possible reflectivities, wavelengths and grating lengths
  • Very high wavelength accuracy
  • Innovative laser illumination for unprecedented sensor marking precision
  • Special FBG designs
  • Arbitrary FBG-positions along the fiber
  • Stable up to 900°C